⸬⸬ Scientific Publications (Peer-reviewed articles)

Santori, P. (2021):

“Un più segreto legame che non si creda”. Genovesi as a source for Rosmini’s Economic Reflections

Rosmini Studies, 8: 77-87 []

Nalli F., Santori P. (2021):

The Economic Principle of Political Liberalism: A Comparison of Rawls and Sugden

Review of Political Economy []

De Rosa D., Reggiani T., Santori P. (2021):

Special Issue: “The Community of Advantage”

International Review of Economics [editorial – DOI: 10.1007/s12232-021-00369-x]

Santori P. (2021):

Is Relationality Always Other-Oriented? Adam Smith, Catholic Social Teaching, and Civil Economy

Philosophy of Management []

Santori P. (2021):

Idleness and the Very Sparing Hand of God: The invisible tie between Hume’s “Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion” and Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”

Journal of the History of Economic Thought [forthcoming 2022, Preprint at SocArXiv,]

Bruni L., Santori P. (2021):

The Illusion of Merit and the Demons of Economic Meritocracy: Which are the legitimate expectations of the market?

Journal of Business Ethics []

Santori P. (2020):

Donum, Exchange and Common Good in Aquinas: the Dawn of Civil Economy

The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 27(2): 276-297 []

Santori P. (2019):

Was Aquinas a ‘Universal Economist’?

History of Economics Review, 72(1): 79-91 []

Santori P. (2019):

The foundation of the right of property: Rosmini as Genovesi’s interpreter

International Review of Economics, 66: 353-367 []

Bruni L., Santori P. (2018):

The Plural Roots of Rewards: Awards and Incentives in Aquinas and Genovesi

The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 25(4), 637-357 []

Santori P. (2016)

La concezione istituzionale dei diritti umani di Thomas Pogge

Filosofia Politica, 2: 301-316 []

⸬⸬ Scientific Publications (Books, book chapters) 


Bruni L., Santori P., Zamagni S. (2021):

Lezioni di Storia del Pensiero Economico. Un percorso dall’Antichità al Novecento

Città Nuova [book ISBN 9788831101998]

Santori P. (2021):

Thomas Aquinas and the Civil Economy Tradition: The Mediterranean Spirit of Capitalism

Routledge [book ISBN 9780367376109]

Santori, P. (2021)

‘Naturaliter homo homini amicus est’: economy, happiness and relationships in Aquinas’ thought

in A Modern Guide to the Economics of Happiness: 95-111 []